Darbaan Movie Story

The story of the Darbaan Movie revolves around Anukool (Sharad Kelkar ) and is the story of two generations. The caretaker (Sharib Hashmi )  raises the central character with all his love and care and later , he even raises his son , when Anukool came back . The two minute and thirty -three seconds of the trailer is very interesting and has caught the audience’s attention. The trailer shows how the caretaker is loyal and faithful and how he has become friends with Anukool. Gradually, we see a grown -up Anukool along with his wife and son.

Anukool wants the caretaker to look after his son though his wife is a bit sceptical about the same. Then gradually we see a downpour, flood-like situation and a tiny shoe floating in water, a devastated caretaker and a wife accusing caretaker of hiding his son. Then, scene 2, we see an old caretaker with a young kid , reading in a good English school and a gate keeper asking, “ kya yeh tumhara bacha hai?”

The movie shows all the ingredients of a successful venture and it captures the audience attention immediately. “It’s a story of two generations and one -man who can go to any length to redeem himself of a guilt , he could carry no more…” Such captions in the trailer enhances the curiosity as what was the guilt and what about the redemption ? Did he really steal the child? This is Bipin’s second association with Sharad. The actor had made his debut in Uttarayan (2004). The film had won the National Film Award for Best Marathi Feature Film.

The National Award Winner director on launching the trailer states “Darbaan Movie has been a lifelong dream for me and I feel so complete today.” The director was all praise for his lead actors and says “I strongly believe that it is not easy to live with a character for so long but talented actor Sharib Hashmi played this role so beautifully. Along with him, actors Sharad Kelkar and Harsh Chaaya are also in the important roles and they are my all-time favourites. I had signed Flora a year before the film went on the floors when we were working on an ad film. Rasika Dugal has a short but impactful role.”

Sharib said, “In Darbaan Movie, I am playing the role of a caretaker, who takes care of this child like his younger brother. He is like a part of the family but his life changes upside down when he commits a blunder that causes friction within the entire family. Shooting for this has been one of my most satisfying experiences.”

Darbaan Movie is set to release on April 3, 2020. The film is distributed by Reet Film.

Darbaan Movie Cast

Darbaan Movie Credits

Directed by: Bipin Nadkarni
Produced by: Yogesh Beldar, Alok Kasbekar, Bipin Nadkarni
Music by: Amartya Bobo Rahut
Writing Credits: Radhika Anand, Rakesh Jadhav, Bipin Nadkarni

Darbaan Movie Release Date

3rd April 2020

Darbaan Movie Songs

Yet to be released stay tuned here

Darbaan Movie Poster

Darbaan Movie

The Darbaan movie , a Bollywood drama has been inspired by the short story, written by one of the renowned writers and poet of all times ,Rabindranath Tagore. National Award-winning director Bipin Nadkarni, who has helmed noted Marathi films like Uttarayan and Aevdhese Abhaal, is venturing into Bollywood. His upcoming Darbaan movie , is his directorial debut in Bollywood . Darbaan movie is a ‘heart-warming story of a master and his caretaker’  and is a story of two generations. The movie Darbaan, has taken its inspiration from a short story written by Rabindranath Tagore.

The film cast Sharib Hashmi, Sharad Kelkar ,Rasika Dugal, and Flora Saini and the set up of the movie is entirely traditional. It has been set -up at the back- drop of rustic & rural India. The film was shot for 35 days over the span of three years. The trailer is successful in catching audience’s attention and curiosity.

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