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Goodbye Movie Story

Goodbye movie directed and written by Vikas Behl is a story about a family which is not so perfect. Harish (Amitabh Buchaan) and Gayatri ( Neena Gupta ) have a daughter who is a lawyer Tara (Rahmika Mandana). 

She stays in Bengaluru with her partner Mudassar ( Shivin Narang ) who is a DJ. As the name suggested, yes you have guessed it right, parents have an issue with their association and the boy being a Muslim, though mom has a soft corner for the guy.

Then we have 3 sons, Karan who lives in San Francisco, Nakul who likes to go treks and mountain climbing, and Angad who lives in Dubai and is adopted by the couple. We have a girl as well who stays with the couple in Chandigarh.

 She is from Nepal but never returns to his parents as she likes it there. Angad has a love relationship with the girl. Last but not least we have a dog named Stupid.

The movie begins when Tara leaves for a party after winning her first case. She is not responding to calls or messages from her mother Gayatri as she is in the pub and her battery died. 

So, she left the phone with a bartender for charging. The father calls her in the morning to say that she has no time to answer her mom’s calls, to which she replied rudely and cuts the phone.

The bartender then brings the phone and tells her about her mom’s death. She books her ticket and tries to reach Chandigarh as soon as possible, to be with her father. 

She is the one who reaches the place first whereas others were trying to find a way to reach her, though Nakul is unavailable for calls or messages. Tara and her father have a disagreement regarding the cremation rites, and they argue about them.

Then there are the sons, the father Harish is furious with Karan and Angad as he feels that they are not affected by the death of their mother. Fights break out in the home because of Harish’s behavior.

 For the next few days, they all have to live under one roof and they have no choice. How the family copes with the tragedy and how they become close to each other is the story of the movie

The movie is about the pain and guilt that Tara feels as she was unable to take her mother’s last call. The movie shows Her father Harish struggling to cope with the pain of staying alone in his old age. The dog Stupid is shown not eating and is sad as it is feeling the pain of not having her owner.

Gradually, we get a peek into Tara’s estranged equation with her father as he is not ready to accept her relationship with an inter-religion faith.

 As soon as all the siblings meet, the old memories and hurt pop up. And how the family survives and finds peace with each other with a new relationship equation is the crux of the movie.

Goodbye Movie Cast

  • Amitabh Bachchan      as Harish Bhalla
  • Neena Gupta                 as Gayatri Bhalla
  • Rashmika Mandanna   as Tara Bhalla
  • Sunil Grover                   as Pandit ji
  • Pavail Gulati                   as Karan Bhalla
  • Abhishekh Khan            as Nakul Bhalla
  • Sahil Mehta                   as Angad Bhalla
  • Shivin Narang                as Mudassar Singh, Tara’s boyfriend
  • Elli AvrRam                    as Daisy Bhalla, Karan’s wife
  • Ashish Vidyarthi            as PP Singh, Harish’s friend
  • Arun Bali                         as Gayatri’s father
  • Neelu Kohli                     as Geeta, Gayatri’s sister
  • Shayank Shukla              as Chintan

Goodbye Movie Poster

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Goodbye Movie Credits

  • Directed by Vikas Bahl
  • Written by Vikas Bahl
  • Produced by   Shobha Kapoor |Ekta Kapoor | Viraj Savant | Vikas Bahl
  • Music By       Amit Trivedi

Goodbye Movie Releasing Date

7 October 2022

Goodbye Movie Review

Life is too short. We never know when the inevitable ( death ) is going to happen. Hence no grudges, no hard feelings.

Make peace with the present and with each other. Death is the central theme of the movie Goodbye that Filmmaker Vikas Bahl’s made starring Amitabh Bachchan, Neena Gupta, Rashmika Mandanna, Pavail Gulati, and others.

The movie manages to tug at your heartstrings. It makes you cry and laugh at the same time, rare nowadays.

In this face-paced digital life, somewhere we are lacking in showing our gratitude and love to the people who matter to us the most. We are busy chasing our dreams and making our future. We want it all on our own terms. We are so engrossed in ourselves that we deny seeing and feeling our surroundings.

The story is simple and about a dysfunctional family ( which is so normal ) as no family is perfect. It shows how a family comes together in the time of death. Hilarious situations arise due to the orthodox rituals and science and reason and of course due to the superficiality of the relationships. 

First thing first, This is Rashmika Mandana’s debut, in Hindi, and Bollywood movies, though she is a household name now after the success of Pushpa. She is a natural as far as acting is concerned. She can pull off any character with so much ease that sometimes it makes you surprised as an audience.

The scene where a bartender comes to her place to return the phone that she left the previous night in the bar and told her about her mom’s death and the way Rashmika showed the reaction is worth a watch.

Amitabh, the millennial star, is as subtle and natural as he could be, and is a treat to watch. The ease with which he emotes and puts his soul into the scene is awesome.

Neena Gupta, after the success of Badhai Ho, is on a roll. Another movie Unnchai is lined up for her with Big B. After so many years, now she has been recognized as a fine artist by the industry.

Vikas Bahl, who made Tanu weds Manu series and Queen, has also written the film. He uses humor in the initial hour to define the contrast in emotions of the various characters.

The scene in which a few neighbors pretend to cry even as they discuss designer shoes and expensive refrigerators and whats app group names are quite hilarious and something you can relate to. The drama that is created in the name of rituals is also shown meticulously by the director.

Like most Indian families, here too, it is the mother who holds the family together and so, after her death they all find themselves clashing with each other and at a loss. Gradually. The family tries to find their way at Haridwar and learns the scientific reason for all the rituals.

 ‘Goodbye’ manages to make you emotional. Some of the scenes will make you tear up like the cremation scene, Big B’s monologue, and a scene in the second half where a birthday celebration takes place amid the gloom. 

The film may appear slightly rudderless at several junctures because the story doesn’t really elevate itself in its 2 hours runtime but still manages to make you smile through your tears. Bahl has observed a lot and borrowed from real life as he writes out the poignant scenes well.

Many of us lost our loved ones in the past two years of the pandemic and ‘Goodbye’ may bring back some of those memories and make you cry. 

‘Goodbye’ ultimately wins for its heartfelt message of living in the moment and cherishing each day of life. Tough I know, but the film makes you wonder why we take so long to reach out to our loved ones and invariably regret it once they are gone.

‘Goodbye’ is a sweet film, that celebrates familial bonds, and the bitter-sweet moments of life and lets you get that closure that one needs after losing a loved one. 

A heartfelt funeral dramedy with a poignant premise, sketchy execution

Times of India

Despite the performances, GOODBYE suffers from a weak second half and a depressive tone.

Bollywood Hungama

Amitabh Bachchan, and Rashmika Mandanna in a more preachy than poignant film

The Hindu

Amitabh Bachchan-Rashmika Mandana’s film delivers broad humor and heavy-handed sentimentality, which succeeds best when the emotion occasionally swims to the top without the belaboring.

The Indian Express

An Emotional Rollercoaster With A Comedy-Drama In Death & Grief Moments.

Goodbye is a movie that does what it intends to regardless of the flaws that get overshadowed by emotions.

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Goodbye Movie Short Description

Goodbye is a Bollywood tragicomedy film written and directed by Vikas Bahl starring Amitabh Bachchan, Neena Gupta, Rashmika Mandanna, Sunil Grover, and others.

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