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As the title of the movie suggests, Aditya is an unemployed useless youth with an eidetic memory. He has issues with his elder brother Raman as he dotes on Avni, Raman’s wife (Adi’s sister-in-law).  He left home fifteen months ago and started staying with his paternal uncle.

Raman soon called upon  Adi and tells him to accompany Avni, a RTO officer,  to Dhamli for two months.  Raman too has been transferred to Bangalore. Avni in order to make Adi responsible compels Adi to do all the household chores. Adi was very unhappy and annoyed by all this stuff.

Adi tries to appoint a maid for house chores but Avni denies it. She even forced him to look for an IT job and tries to pursue him to become a software engineer, but to no avail. One day, Adi bumps into Natasha aka Nikki, who instantly proposes to Adi. Adi is taken aback and falls for Nikki. A few love scenes and duets are due here. Soon, it is revealed that Nikki is Avni’s cousin and comes to live with her.

Adi later finds out about Nikki’s real identity and also she had been seeing Adi since Avni and Raman’s wedding. One day, Avni learns about Adi and Nikki’s love for each other and sends Avni home. This makes Adi frustrated and against his sister-in-law and wishes to go back with his uncle who has come to visit him.. But soon learns from him that, it was Raman’s decision to send him away from home, not Avni’s as Raman wanted him to become more responsible.

Avni made him do all the chores and chopping for cooking to make him realise the essence of hardwork. Moreover, she sent Nikki home as she is planning to send a marriage proposal to her family for Adi. Therefore, she wanted Adi to take a decent job so that she can ask for Nikki’s hand in marriage. She even has decided to sell her land to buy a house for Adi. She even did not want to have her own child as she considered Adi her elder child and wished to see him settle down first.

There is another story to this as well. Avni develops the enmity with MLA Vikramjeet Bisht, who ran a taxi service called Super. In order to expand his business, he illegally ran many buses on road with the same number plates. When the bus service association raises an objection, he sets fire to one of the buses, killing 40 people.

Avni, being an RTO officer took action against Vikramjit and seized his illegal cabs. This enrages Vikramjit and he went to the RTO office to kill her. At the same moment, Adi (who has learned Avni’s sacrifices for his sake) thrashed him publically and warned him to be away from his sister-in-law. Soon, Nikki’s father denied Avni’s marriage proposal of Adi and Nikki due to Adi’s enmity to Vikramjeet.

Moreover, he became aware of his being absent from his job as well. Avni took Adi to Vikramjeet’s house and asked him to apologise to Vikramjeet for his action. There, they both put a  bet on Avni’s life without letting anyone know about this. Vikram challenged Adi that he will get Avni killed within six days whereas Vikramjeet said he would save her maa samaan Bhabhi.

The goon planned various strategies to murder Avni, but Adi intelligently rescued her with the help of his Nikamme dosts. Vikramjeet secretly invited Raman to Dhamli to stop Adi from sending Avni to Banglore. Avni went missing, After their second marriage anniversary celebration.  The goon secretly Kidnapped Raman and hid him in one of his four cabs which Avni seized. Adi rushed to Vikramjeet’s house to ask for Raman’s whereabouts.

Vikramjeet himself was unaware that Ramani has been missing. Then came the twist, to everyone’s surprise,  Avni came in police uniform along with a police force.  In reality, Avni was an IPS officer who was on a secret mission to collect proof against Vikramjeet for his misdeeds and illegal activities. They already had a proof, footage in which Vikramjeet is seen killing a retired major. This video could be used against him in court.

He was even suspended from the upcoming MLA election. Soon, the video went viral and in the media. Unable to accept his defeat, Vikramjeet shot himself. Before getting shot, he revealed Raman’s Kidnap and did not tell them the place of the captive. He felt that if Raman died then it will be Adi and Avni’s biggest loss and his biggest victory.

He is taken to the hospital by Adi but Vikramjeet soon slipped into a coma. After much bhaag-daud, Adi finally figured out Raman’s location by his photocopy memory and saved him with the help of Avni. Adi and Nikki got reunited. In the end, the whole family is enjoying and laughing at Adi as Avni again refused to replace Adi with a maid to do house chores.

Nikamma Movie Cast

  1. Abhimanyu Dassani as Aditya “Adi” Verma
  2. Shilpa Shetty as Avni Singh Verma
  3. Shirley Setia as Natasha “Nikki” Singh
  4. Samir Soni as Raman Verma
  5. Abhimanyu Singh as MLA Vikramjeet Bisht
  6. Naren Kumar as Tipu
  7. Sachin Khedekar as Nagendra Verma
  8. Sudesh Lehri as Suresh Trivedi
  9. Vikram Gokhale as Retired Ma

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Nikamma Movie Credits

  • Directed by   Sabbir Khan
  • Written by   Venu Sriram | Sanamjit Talwar 
  • Produced by   Sony Pictures International Productions| Sabbir Khan
  • Music By          Amaal Mallik| Javed–Mohsin

Nikamma Movie Review

Nikamma movie, directed by Sabbir Khan is the remake of a Telugu film in 2017 named Middle-Class Abbayi. starring Nani and Sai Pallavi, which focuses on the story of a middle-class family, its beliefs, actions, and reactions to tough situations. What it eventually does is present a confused tale of a young lad, whiling away his life and family’s money, until he’s made to realise his sister-in-law’s true emotions for him Adi and his ‘maa samaan’ Bhabhi, a civil servant and is against the local goon..

This is the entire 2.5 hours ordeal that the audiences have to go through which includes bike chases, fight scenes, bloody limbs, and one guy taking on all comers. And not to be missed the usual Bollywood song-and-dances. Abhimanyu Dasani does a fair job of playing yet another version of Salman Khan, though he claimed he has a disadvantage of being a star -kid. This is supposed to be Shilpa Shetty’s come-back movie as well but what a waste!

‘Nikamma’ is nothing but a torturous 2.5 hours of wondering about the future of Bollywood. If this is what we are getting in the name of a new film with a new hero, who has shown signs of promise in his first two outings, then, well, it’s time to go home By  The Indian Express

A confused tale of a wasted lad By The Times of India
Abhimanyu Dassani starrer is yet another vapid attempt to revitalize the masala film genre By The First Post

The Shilpa Shetty film lives up to its name – useless By India Today

This Shilpa Shetty and Abhimanyu Dassani-starrer is an unbearable film that will test your patience          By Hindustan Times

No Matter What, Shilpa Shetty’s Comeback Film Remains Just That – No Good   By NDTV

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Nikamma Movie Release Date

17 June 2022

Nikamma Movie Songs

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Nikamma Movie Short Description

Nikamma, an action – comedy directed by Sabbir Khan is a remake of the Telugu film Middle-Class Abbayi.  starring Abhimanyu Dassani & Shilpa

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