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We are predicting  upcoming Hindi movies performance even before its release by sharing all information about the movie like trailer, cast, etc and using Artificial Intelligence based algorithm to determine how good a movie would be and is it worth your time?

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Upcoming Hindi Movies on OTT platforms.

There are several OTT platforms that offer Hindi movies for streaming, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, ZEE5, and Voot. These platforms have a wide range of Hindi movies, from classic Bollywood films to the latest releases. They also offer a variety of subscription plans to choose from, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. Additionally, these platforms also have original content in Hindi language which is exclusive to their platform.
From now on we will share all information of an upcoming Hindi movies and their expected OTT release dates.

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Our Mission and Vision

Movies are an integral part of our lives and watching movies can keep us fresh and entertain. With all hustle and bustle of our modern life we don’t have much time to waste it on movies that is not of our or our friends/family taste. There are so many new movies released each week and deciding what to watch could be confusing. Most of us spends lot of time to choose a good movie from the sea of information that is scattered around the world. Our aim at My Upcoming Movies is to provide you all the available information about a movie under one location.

This should help you to make an informed decision about an upcoming movie and whether you should watch it or not. We will provide you upcoming movies trailers, storyline (expected as remember movie is not released yet), casting, songs, interviews and other promotions that shed light on a movie that is coming soon. Not only that, we will provide you plenty of functionalities that should help you keeping track, making a wish list, sharing of your list with your friends and family, reviews and previews using artificial intelligence. Again, our vision is to make you well informed and organised so that you put in your time watching a movie that you like.

  1. Provide a pre-review of upcoming movies to help decide a movie
  2. To provide as much information as possible about a movie before the new movie’s release date.
  3. Stay tuned to get the latest upcoming movies 2021.
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